Welcome to the official site of the American Pole League Championships 2019 - committed to and created by pole athletes, for pole athletes.

APL is a non-profit organization and a member of the International Pole Sports Federation also known as the International Governing Body of Pole Sport. In 2017 IPSF was awarded Global Association of International Sports Federations Observer Status (GAISF, formerly known as Sport Accord).

Our goals are to positively promote pole and aerial as athletic disciplines. We are part of the movement to get Pole Sports recognized nationally and globally and eventually included into the Olympic Games.

USA World Champions

Paige Olson
World Pole Sports Champion 2016
2 x World record holder
«Youth Athlete of the Year Award 2018»
(IPSF, Novice)
Greta Pontarelli
World Pole Sports Champion 2013, 2014, 2016
(IPSF, Masters 50+)
Pink Puma & Dimitry Politov
2 x World Pole Sports Champion 2016, 2017
World Artistic Pole Champions 2017
2 x World record holders
«Lifetime Achievement Award 2018»
Rafaela Montanaro
World Pole Sports Champion 2016
2 x World record holder
(IPSF, Senior Women)
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National and open Championships will be held in Tucson, AZ on July 27 with special guest workshops on July 28, 2019. Championships will run in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) in the following disciplines:

  • Pole Sport

  • Aerial Sports

  • Para Pole

  • Artistic Pole

APL applications are open from December 10 and will close on June 27 for Pole Sport, Para Pole, Aerial Hoop and on July 4 for Artistic Pole submissions.  Athletes from 6 to 70 years old can participate in the competitions. The Championships are open to representatives of other countries that do not hold their qualifying national competitions. Please visit Сhampionship section for discipline, category and division description.

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