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The American Pole League is run by a passionate group of people from all around the country. On this page we are introducing you to the people who make all the magic happen!

Meet the Team – the faces behind the screen!

Polina Volchek – CEO/President


The American Pole League is run by a passionate group of people from all around the country. On this page we are introducing you to the people who make all the magic happen!

Meet the Team – the faces behind the screen!


Polina Volchek “Pink Puma”​ – Founder and CEO of American Pole League

Polina Volchek, also known as Pink Puma, has inhabited the brutal environment of the sport and show business industries for over 25 years. Her resume includes various sports, dance styles, performances and even martial arts.

At the age of 17, this lady gained the title of “Master of Sports at the International Level”. Throughout her career, Polina became 3x Champion of Russia in Rhythmic Gymnastics, 4x World Champion of Pole Sport and Artistic Pole, Champion for the Team USA, and was a multiple winner of national and international competitions in Pole Sports, Dance, Art, and Fitness in the USA, Russia, and all around the world. Polina is an ex-soloist in Cirque du Soleil, a producer of the international performance project “Vertical.Show”,  and founder of the National pole and aerial sports Federations - “American Pole League” and “Pole Sports Russia”. She is a holder of a “Lifetime Achievement 2018” award by the International Pole Sports Federation, “Producer of Theatrical and Performance Arts” and "Master of Sports Governing" degrees. Currently she is an in-demand producer, coach, and a world renowned expert in pole, aerial sports, and performance arts.

Polina's main goal is to promote pole and aerial sports as artistic, athletic, and family-friendly activities, and to achieve pole and aerial sports recognition on the national and Olympic levels. These support her broader goals to inspire more active lifestyles and a culture of physical fitness.

Natalia Ryan – President of American Pole League

Natalia was trained in a leading school of acrobatics as top stunt flying athlete and danced in competitive acrobatic rock-n-roll since age 7. As an adult, she made a career in the medical sports profession while maintaining and developing her passion in aerial arts as a hobby.

Natalia is currently the owner of AirSports Studio, located in Panama City Beach, where she trains new athletes for competition. She believes in Pole as a Sport and is determined to apply her knowledge & full potential to make this sport recognized on the Olympic level. 

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Ellena Mirra – Coordinator in California

After graduating from the State Pedagogical University, Ellena dedicated herself to coaching sports and fitness. Throughout her sports journey of exploring new disciplines, she discovered Aerial and Pole Sports and started practicing, competing, and coaching both children and adults, but holds a special fondness for dedicating herself to kids and youths. Ellena is a current athlete and performer; she has competed and received awards in numerous national and international competitions in Pole Sports and Aerial Athletics in the USA and Europe; she is an acting performer of the Vertical.Show. Ellena Mirra is a member of the America Pole League since April 2023. She is currently based in San Francisco and represents the American Pole League in California. Ellena is committed to introducing, promoting, and elevating Pole and Aerial Sports as athletic and artistic activities suitable for all ages. She firmly believes that together we can achieve recognition for Pole and Aerial Sports nationally, internationally, and as an Olympic discipline.

Tanya Clements - Judge and Athlete coordinator

Tanya was born in Mariupol, Ukraine. She was trained in competitive Gymnastics by world class coaches, including Olympic Champion M.Nikolayeva, since the age of 7. As she developed her skills, she participated in multiple competitions throughout the Country.  She graduated from Circus school in Kiev as an aerial gymnast specializing on the flying trapeze. Tanya has traveled all around the world as a performance artist in a variety of circus shows and dance performances.

She moved to the USA in 1995 and has been a proud citizen and coach ever since.  Tanya contributed to US Gymnastics by working  as a head coach in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas USAG in collaboration with Valeri Liukin for 15 years.  Currently, she lives in Panama City Beach, Florida where she coaches children in Aerial and Pole Sport. We are honored to have Tanya on our team.


Jennifer Balow – Honored Team member

Jennifer Balow is the «Associate Director of the E&M Division for The Coding Network» and is managing approximately 300 coders and hundreds of clients across the United States. She has worked in healthcare for 27 years and became a pole enthusiast in 2015, when her daughter, World Pole Sports Champion 2016 and multiple prize holder – Paige Olson, started taking pole classes for strength training. Jenifer holds the «IPSF Level 1 Code of Points Certificate» and is passionate about assisting any way she can to promote pole as an athletic discipline and to be part of the movement to get pole recognized nationally and internationally.

Cynille Bates – Сompetition organizer

Cynille has a professional background in finance, economics, asset management, real estate investment, and project management. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Cynille is the parent of a current Pole Sports competitor and athlete and is dedicated to the success and growth of Pole as both an American and International sport. She is committed to promoting Pole Sports in the United States, in partnership with the American Pole League, as well as helping to facilitate the advancement of athletes in international competition. She is eager to assist the American Pole League in providing the best competition experience for all athletes.

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