Code of Points 2018/20

 Update Sheet for Code of Points 2018/20

 Compulsory Form

 Singles Technical Bonus Form

 Doubles Technical Bonus Form

 How to qualify for WPSC

 Code of Points for Aerial Hoop 2018-19

 Artistic Pole Scoring and Rules 2018-19

 Ultra Pole Scoring and Rules 2018-19

 How to qualify for WPSC

Code of Ethics

Complaints and Disputes policy

Code of conduct for sporting officials

Code on prevention_of_manipulation in competitions

Apparatus Norms 2017-18


Please refer to Anti-Doping section for:

Athletes Guide

Theraputic Exemptions (if you are taking medication)

WADA – prohibited list

Gender Reassignment Anti-Doping information

World Anti-Doping Code 2015

Doping Control leaflet

What is 100% me for athletes

IPSF Anti-doping rules

For more information and documentation please refer to: 


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