CAMP 2021

for kids and adults


Pole & Aerial Sports oriented

theoretical and practical training




Join us at the new exciting experience!

APL Team in collaboration with Pink Puma Inc, Pixie & VooDoo studios came up with a great training concept. We offer competitions training to all students that are getting ready for the APL National and IPSF International Championships! Besides general classes with Rafaela Montanaro, Alberto del Campo and Polina Volchek we offer theoretical and practical education within the competition's system!


No matter if you are getting ready for sport competitions, studio event or a crazy contemporary performance. We got it all out of the box for you! Our specialists have trusted knowledges in the most popular pole sport competitions, years of experience in contemporary, circus and dance productions, incredible pole and aerial skills! If you know what you want – we will help you to get there! If you are searching for something fun and engaging – we will give you the directions and set the goals together.


Special program was built particularly for pole and aerial enthusiasts who wish to develop their best routines and to improve their competitions results in: Pole & Aerial Hoop Sports, Artistic Pole & Aerial Hoop, Ultra Pole and more. APL Training Camp will be held in Miami, FL on March 18-21 with optional extension up to March 24 2021 and with the special Ultra Pole afterparty! The camp is open to participants from all over the world. Athletes from 6 to 70 years old can take part in the camp.


Want to make it happen? Choose the training package that works the best for you!

The camp is open to participants from all over the world and now available in LIVE & ONLINE modes.



Miami, FL USA


Pink Puma

Rafaela Montanaro

Alberto del Campo


APL training camp preliminary schedule



Option 1

for APL members only

Effective for members registered before September 2020

Training package

- Theory  

- Practice

- Snacks and water

450 USD

Full package*

- Theory

- Practice

- Hotel & breakfast

- Snacks and water

650 USD

One training day pass

135 USD

Theory only (full course)

35 USD

Theory only (per day)

10 USD

Training package

- Theory

- Practice

- Snacks and water

490 USD

Full package*

- Theory

- Practice

- Hotel & breakfast

- Snacks and water

690 USD

One training day pass

145 USD

Theory only (full course)

45 USD

Theory only (per day)

15 USD

Option 2

Early Birds (effective before November 30, 2020)

Option 3

Regular (effective from December 1)

Training package

- Theory  

- Practice

- Snacks and water

530 USD

Full package*

- Theory

- Practice

- Hotel & breakfast

- Snacks and water

730 USD

One training day pass

160 USD

Theory only (full course)

60 USD

Theory only (per day)

20 USD

*These offers include 5 nights in shared accommodations (two persons, two beds)

in partner's hotel within Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.

Offers with shared accommodations are available for booking until February 1st 2021.

Who can attend the camp?

All the students ages 8-65 are welcome to join us at the APL Training camp experience. We offer educational sporting and family friendly activity throughout the whole course.

Will students be split on different levels?

We run theoretical & practical sessions with the instructors in mixed level groups. All explanations are build in step-by-step basis to make it easier for students of different levels to understand specifics, learn tricks, combos or choreography. For the beginners we can provide an additional instructor in the room during practical lessons.

How the camp can help me if I am getting ready for a pole or aerial competitions?

All instructors are professionally educated in variety of competitions systems including IPSF & POSA. Our goal is to assist you in understanding of the scoring system, help you to build your best competition routine for the discipline, level and category that you choose to compete, advice you in reaching your top results on upcoming events.

What if I do not have a competitions goal?

That is ok. Our instructors have plenty of creative ideas. You will be surprised with variety of stage and competition decisions that they will be happy to offer for you to explore.

What is included in the package?

In addition to theoretical and practical experience APL training camp offers packages that include shared accommodations with breakfast*, snacks, water during training hours and afterparty! It is possible to split the course and take it by days. We will do our best to work around your needs and availability.

*These offers include 5 nights in shared accommodations (two persons, two beds) in partner's hotel within Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. Offers are subject for limited availability and can be time sensitive.

What is the refund policy?

APL Training camp refund policy*

  • Full refund until January 1st 2021
  • 2/3 refund until February 1st 2021 (withholding 1/3)
  • 1/3 refund until March 1st 2021 (withholding 2/3)
  • No refund after March 1st 2021 (however we can work on alternative service credits in case of emergency)
  • All packages can be transferable to another person

*In case of COVID reinforcement there might be alterations of this policy and the training schedule.

How everyone will stay safe from COVID?

COVID-19 protocol:

- Always wear your mask when entering the studio

- Fill out the COVID-19 liability release waiver

- Temperature checks to be done for each and every class

- No one comes in after proper protocol (no late entries)

- Everyone is obligated to wash their hands before entering the studio

- Consistent studio disinfection to be completed by staff members

- Hang out areas to be closed off

- We will do our best to accommodate 1 student per pole; members of the same family or those who are living together are allowed to share

- We recommend you to clean your pole thoroughly before, during and after each lesson

What are the conditions for ONLINE participants?

Training camp packages are the same for in person and online students. Team APL will provide access to online attendees to each theoretical and practical class via Zoom meeting. Video trainings will be available during 2 weeks for remote studying.

Scroll up and check APL training camp schedule!

For bookings and inquiries:
+1 813 317 1067