Third National and open «American Pole League Championships» in 2021 will be held ONLINE. All videos to be submitted to by July 15. Please follow video submission criteria at the Documents


APL applications are open from February 1st and will close on June 30 for Pole Sport, Para Pole, Aerial Hoop Sport and on July 7 for Artistic Pole, Ultra Pole & Artistic Aerial Hoop submissions. Athletes from 6 to 70 years old can participate in the competitions. The championships will be open to all athletes of other countries that do not hold qualifying national competitions and run in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Pole Sports Federation. IPSF judging rules, regulations and scoring have been carefully created by the IPSF technical committee in conjunction with the pole community, to promote fair and transparent judging. 

The Championships will become a part of the network that includes over 5,000 athletes. Competitions are planning to gather over 100 competitors from all over the States to perform their best for the coveted title of National champion in the following disciplines, divisions and categories:​


Pole Sport


  • Amateur
  • Professional
  • Elite*


   • Pre-Novice Mixed (6-9 years old)
   • Novice Female (10-14 years old)
   • Novice Male (10-14 years old)
   • Novice Doubles (10-14 years old)
   • Junior Female (15-17 years old)
   • Junior Male (15-17 years old)
   • Junior Doubles (15-17 years old)
   • Youth Doubles (10-17 years old)
   • Senior Female (18-39 years old)
   • Senior Male (18-39 years old)
   • Masters 40+ Female (40-49 years old)
   • Masters 40+ Male (40-49 years old)
   • Masters 50+ Female (50 and more years old)
   • Masters 50+ Male (50 and more years old)
   • Senior Doubles Female/Female (18 and more years old)
   • Senior Doubles Female/Male (18 and more years old)
   • Senior Doubles Male/Male (18 and more years old)

 Artistic Pole


• Amateur
• Semi-professional
• Professional*


• Junior Mixed (14-17 years old)
• Senior Female (18-39 years old)
• Senior Male (18-39 years old)
• Masters 40+ (40 and more years old)
• Senior Doubles (18 and more years old)

Ultra Pole


•  Elite*


• Senior Female (16 and more years old)

•  Senior Male (16 and more years old)

Para Pole


  • Elite*


• Depending on eligible conditions. Please refer to Addendum 3 of Code of Points for Pole Sport

 Aerial Hoop Sport


  • Amateur
  • Professional
  • Elite*


   • Novice Mixed (10-14 years old)
   • Junior Mixed (15-17 years old)
   • Youth Doubles (10-17 years old)
   • Senior Female (18-39 years old)
   • Senior Male (18-39 years old)
   • Senior Doubles (18 and more years old)

Artistic Aerial Hoop


• Amateur

• Semi-professional

• Professional*


• Junior Mixed (14-17 years old)
• Senior Female (18-39 years old)
• Senior Male (18-39 years old)
• Masters 40+ (40 and more years old)
• Senior Doubles (18 and more years old)

February 1st

February 1st

June 30th 

June 30th 

Applications open for all disciplines

Applications close for Pole Sport, Aerial Hoop Sport and Para Pole disciplines

July 15th

July 15th

Deadline for submission of final forms for Pole & Aerial Sports, Artistic Pole & Aerial Hoop, music & costumes, competition videos for all disciplines. 

July 7th ​​

July 7th

Deadline for submission of Compulsory and Technical bonus forms for accuracy check. Applications close for Artistic Pole, Artistic Aerial Hoop and Ultra Pole disciplines

July 31st

July 31st

 National and open American Pole League Championships 2021

* Enter this divisions if you are in the Open Championships and/or want to qualify for the IPSF World Championships. Top athletes in each category of these divisions are selected to compete for the United States of America at the IPSF World Pole Championships annually with more than 40 countries represented. Please refer to the Documents section for Code of Points, Rules and Regulations, Code of Ethics for all disciplines.

Application fees

The fees are the same for both the National and Open Championships and currently include the Early Bird* discount of 15% off (Early Bird discount expires on 3/15/2021). All application fees include Athletes membership for 1 year.

All individual competitors: $85.00 USD

All doubles: $119.00 USD

Prices after Early Bird discount will be $100 for individual competitors and $140 for doubles.

Accuracy check

A fee will be collected by the Head Judge for Compulsory and Technical bonus forms accuracy check:

The fee for the accuracy check will be announced in 2021.

Please email IPSF technical committee with any inquiries.

Costume check

We draw your attention to the mandatory costume check for Artistic Pole & Artistic Aerial Hoop disciplines. Checking the costumes for all other disciplines is advisory and remains at the discretion of the athlete. Costume checks are free.


All athletes and their IPSF certified coaches (if applicable) must have tracksuits according to the requirements listed below and in APL/IPSF Rules & Regulations: • Tracksuits must be sports tracksuits and must include: matching trousers, t-shirt/tank top and a jacket. Hoodies/hood-style tops are not allowed. • Under hot weather conditions it is acceptable to wear the t-shirt or tank top instead of the jacket except during the medals ceremony. • Sport shoes must be worn with tracksuits. Bare feet are also permissible. No other shoes are permitted. • Members representing the same team must all wear the same tracksuit. Should the athlete not be representing a specific team/club/school/studio/region, the athlete is still required to wear a tracksuit. • All Open athletes representing the same country must coordinate and wear the same tracksuit. Please contact the APL if you need assistance with coordinating this.

Application requirements

• All participants must meet the selected division and age requirements specified in the category. In case of discrepancies, the organizers reserve the right to redirect the athlete to another division or another category. If transition is not possible, the athlete may be suspended from participation in the competition.

• Athletes under 18 years of age are allowed to participate only with the written permission from their parents or legal guardians.

• At the time of the championship, the athlete must be physically fit.

• During registration it will be necessary to provide one of the following: a copy of athlete's liability health insurance policy, and/or a copy of athlete's performance insurance policy, and/or travel insurance policy that must cover an athlete in case of accidents or sport activity.

• During registration it will be necessary to provide documents confirming US citizenship or providing documentation of legal residency in the USA and the country of representation.

• Applications to compete in the National & Open «American Pole League Championships» will be accepted until 24:00 (Mountain time) in accordance with given deadlines.

• After registration is complete, the entry fee according to the selected division and category must be paid immediately. All amounts are listed in Application fees section. Please note that the application will only be accepted when payment is received. Within 72 hours an email will be sent to the email address you provided. It will include the documents necessary for you to prepare for the championship. This will be the confirmation that your application was received and processed by the organizer. If you don't hear from us within 72 hours of submitting your registration please contact us at

• In the unfortunate event that you are not able to participate in the competition, the entry fee is not refundable.

• All athletes must complete the registration at least 2 hours prior to the competitions or as specified by the organizers. If an athlete fails to appear at the registration on the indicated timeframe the organizers reserve the right to remove an athlete from the competitions.

• At registration you will need to sign liability waiver of acknowledgement and assumption of risks associated with the physical activity. The form must be signed personally by the athlete or his parents or legal guardians (for underage participants).

• When applying for participation, you agree to the Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct of American Pole League (APL) and International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF).

• In the case of an incomplete documents submission the organizers reserve the right to exclude the athlete from participating in the competition.


Athletes' scores appeals are only applicable for the Pole Sport and Aerial Hoop Sport disciplines.

For complaints about scores, athletes may request an appeal regarding their scores within 10 minutes of the athletes’ personal scores being announced in accordance with the IPSF national scoring appeals procedure. After this time, scores will not be overturned. There is a fee involved, which will be returned should the complaint or appeal be upheld. Please refer to APL & IPSF National Scoring Information in the Pole Sport and Aerial Hoop Sport Rules in the Documents section.

Coaches and chaperones

One coach can attend the championships free of charge, as an accompanying person from each studio (school), regardless of the number of participants and the categories presented. If the coach is a competing athlete, he/she will need to obtain an additional coaches accreditation. If there are minor participants (under 18 years of age at the first day of the Championships), then in addition to the coach the following accompanying persons can enter the championships for free:

● from 1 to 5 minor athletes - 1 chaperone;

● from 5 to 10 minor athletes - 2 chaperones;

● 1 chaperone is added to every 5 (five) minor athletes competing.

The full name of the coach and accompanying person must be provided to the organizers in accordance with given deadlines via email to

The email must indicate:

Name of studio (school)

City of the studio

Number of minor athletes

Name of the coach

Name of the chaperone(-s)

Before sending the email please coordinate the information provided with all the athletes from your studio. If possible, collect all the information in one email and send it from the address of the coach or studio (school). Coaches and chaperones must be registered according to the timetable of the event.

Registered coaches can accompany an athlete to the athletes' warm-up area and behind the stage. Registered chaperone can enter the competitions venue free of charge, but can not accompany athletes in the warm-up and behind the stage areas.

Only registered and APL/IPSF certified coaches may accompany athletes during results announcement. APL/IPSF certified coaches must wear tracksuits according to the requirements.